Katie Hopkins mocks Australia’s Covid-19 quarantine requirements

Controversial far right political commentator Katie Hopkins has flown into Australia, reportedly to take part in the Channel 7 series Big Brother VIP. 

The outspoken columnist espouses her views about race, class, obesity and migrants, and she has been permanently banned from the social media platform Twitter. Hopkins has been accused of racism on several occasions and is vocal about her opposition to Islam and multiculturalism.

Hopkins presence in Australia was revealed when she posted a video from hotel quarantine in Sydney. The commentator has referred to Covid-19 lockdowns as the “greatest hoax in human history” and in her video described how she was breaking the Covid-19 requirements of hotel quarantine.

In her Instagram Live video, a laughing Hopkins said upon check-in Australia police had told that when food was delivered to her hotel door she must wait 30 seconds before opening the door to enable staff time to move away. Police also instructed Hopkins that she must be wearing a face mask.

Hopkins told viewers she’s been “lying in wait” and has been trying to scare staff by opening the door quickly, naked, and not wearing a mask.

“I want the Sergeant in the foyer to come up and tell me off, so I can stand there naked while he tells me off – that’s one game I’m playing.”

The video has not gone down well with the public, with people noting there are still thousands of Australian citizens unable to return home. People have questioned if Hopkins met the character assessment requirements to enter Australia, and based on her most recent mocking of Covid-19 safety protocols suggested she be sent home.

A petition at change.org attracted close to 10,000 signatures within hours of Hopkins comments hitting the news.

Yesterday it was revealed that reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner was also currently in hotel quarantine in Sydney. Jenner is also tipped to be taking part in the Channel 7 show.

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