Larry Dean is Out Now


Larry Dean has a very productive poster for his show. The Scottish comedian is photographed sitting in a public toilet with a microphone coming through a glory hole.  It’s an image that captures your attention.

“Some people don’t get it.” Dean said, “My Mum saw it and she said ‘so is this you trying to connect with a different dimension?’ So then I had to explain cottaging to my Mum, and she said ‘You don’t actually do that do you?’ – No Mum, it’s just a funny poster.”

In his show Dean shares stories from his life as a gay man including his coming out experience.

“Mine’s not as bad as other people, you hear stories of people getting chucked out of their house, and having all their friends disown them. I think I had a weird one, since I’m not stereotypically camp, nobody can usually tell.

“My coming out didn’t involve my friends saying it was wrong, they were just surprised. They were all going ‘really?’

“I thought I was going to have to go and prove that I was gay” Dean said.

Dean was ‘Scottish Comedian Of The Year’ at the young age of 23, the Glaswegian comedian is bring his debut show ‘Out Now!’ to the Perth Comedy Festival.

Get tickets for ‘Out Now!’ from there are five shows running from April 28 – May 1.

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