Liberal MP Nick Goiran accuses the government of hiding surrogacy report

Liberal MP Nick Goiran has accused the government of hiding a report it commissioned into surrogacy and reproductive technology.

In early 2018 the McGowan government commissioned Associate Professor Sonia Allen from Deakin University to conduct a review of the state’s laws surrounding in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and surrogacy. Professor Allen had previously completed a similar review for the South Australian government.

Nick Goiran MLC says that report is being hidden from the public because it has not been tabled in parliament. The MP made the claim has debate to change the surrogacy laws commenced in the upper house.

“The Professor Sonia Allan review of the two acts that we are being asked to amend has been kept secret by this government. Members may not be aware that the report of the review by Sonia Allen has been kept secret by the government.” Goiran said.

The claim lead to a volley of accusations and denials between Goiran and Labor’s Alana Clohessy. Clohessy said Goiran was being “misleading” and “mischievous” by suggesting the report was being kept secret.

The health minister later denied the report is being hidden, saying it will be made public.

“The Review of the Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 and the Surrogacy Act 2008 is currently being finalised.” Health Minister Roger Cook told OUTinPerth. “Once complete it will be tabled in Parliament.”

The debate on the laws will which allow single men and gay men to access altruistic surrogacy passed the Legislative Assembly in October last year, but debate on the bill has only reached the Legislative Council this week.

Opening the debate in the Legislative Council Nick Goiran highlighted that all MPs will most likely have a conscience vote on the issue and noted that his remarks were his opinion only, and not those of all Liberal MPs.

Gorian outlined that while he was personally opposed to increasing the categories of people of who access surrogacy, if there were to be changes, he’d like to see the implementation of criminal checks for those applying. The MP also alleged that there was an underground practice of paid surrogacy occuring in Australia that also needed be given greater scruiting.

A suggestion that laws should be implemented to stop Australian citizens from accessing commercial surrogacy overseas was also suggested. Gorian also said he did not put faith in research cited by Health Minister Roger Cook that showed children showed no serious disadvantage when raised by alternative parenting models, the MP said the research he was relying on showed that children faired best when raised jointly by their biological father and mother.

Debate was adjourned to continue at a later date.

OIP Staff

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