LNP president hits out at MPs who support marriage equality

The President of the Liberal National Party in Queensland has described comments from MPs who support marriage equality as “unfortunate”.

Gary Spence, emailed party members and reaffirmed that the party remained opposed to marriage equality and was committed to using a plebiscite to address the long running debate.

Spence said he was disappointed that people had publicly spoken about supporting marriage equality.

“I am disappointed that views that do not accord with the Party’s policy have been aired publicly. I am equally disappointed that members elected under the LNP banner have chosen to take a position that defies LNP policy and the wishes of the LNP’s membership.” Spence said.

The party’s president told Liberal National party members that marriage equality was a ‘peripheral distraction’ and public discussion should focus on issues that really matter to people like job security, reducing household costs and capping electricity prices.

The affirmation of the party’s stance against same-sex marriage follows Trevor Evans, the member for Brisbane, suggesting that he would consider crossing the floor to bring on a free vote on marriage equality.

Evans, who is gay, told The Australian that he supported marriage equality and would prefer to see a free vote in parliament, since the government’s plan for a plebiscite had failed.

The comment has outraged conservative members of the Liberal party with some even going as far to suggest it could bring about the end of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership.

On Monday night former Queensland premier Campbell Newman labeled Evans support for marriage equality as “self indulgent”.

“I’m very disappointed in Trevor,” the former Premier said, “But more importantly people in the LNP in Queensland tonight are very, very, disappointed and angry with him.”

Speaking in Perth earlier today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the government was firmly committed to its plebiscite plan.

The PM chastised reporters for asking multiple questions about marriage equality and said that since he’d arrived in Western Australia only one person had asked him about the issue.

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