The Long Way Home is Emotional, Entertaining and Effective

The Long Way HomeSydney Theatre Company have teamed up with the Australian Defence Force to create a theatrical experience that captures the realities of serving in the military in a highly effective theatrical presentation.

The funniest moments in life come when we are under the greatest stress, and ‘The Long Way Home’ is one of the funniest shows in a long time.

Yet the show is not a comedy, more a social mirror, as this devised work reflects back the sacrifices and realities of severing in the military. Alongside the funny moments there is a deep gaze into the things that wars do to people.

This show has moments of great depth, sorrow, frustration and a raw insight into the lives of soldiers. Watching the show you can’t helped but be filled with compassion, respect and a healthy tough of patriotism.

The cast is made up of four actors and eleven real defense force personnel who share the experience of what it’s like coming home to Australia after serving in Afghanistan.

The defense force performers are all real soldiers who were wounded, became ill or experienced psychological difficulties upon their return home. They shared their stories with playwright Daniel Keane who worked with the cast to create the production.

The show is presented as a series of short scenes, ranging from childhood games of playing soldiers, to being in training, working overseas in a war zone and struggling to fit back into life at home at the end of the journey. The tale delicately covers tales of recuperation, adjustment and subtle questions of identity.

Giant video screens bring the many different settings to life and scenes are broken up with confessional video posts from the cast members sharing their recollections of different stages of their journey.

Perth audiences are not easily impressed, even the most iconic performer can struggle to get a standing ovation out of us, but the audience at His Majesty’s Theatre were on their feet in record time as the curtain fell on Friday night’s performance.

The Long Way Home has a second performance tonight at His Majesty’s Theatre, if you can get a ticket – rush to see this show.


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