ManOnMan: Rounds 16 + 17 | Jemma No Longer In Top Spot

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Over the past fortnight the tally board has seen some of the biggest changes it has ever had, with pretty much everybody changing their positions… including Jemma, who has been in the lead since Round 1! Lets take a look at the tally board at the end of Round 17…

After two fantastic weeks of tipping the one and only Sav from Workout Savvy now graces the lead sitting at 99 points, closely followed by Mr. Gay Aussie Selfies, Wayne, on 98 points who now eases into the runner up position. After 17 weeks in the lead position the Court Hotel’s Jemma now sits in third on 96 points; a huge shock for all of us who were convinced that she may have been a sorceress.

Following Jemma we have Oskar and his feline companion Mmrr who finished the fortnight on 86 points, closely followed by Connections head cheerleader BarbieQ on 82 points. Not far behind is OUTinPerth’s own Ryan Boldison who closed the rounds on 80 points.

We have a tri-tie for 7th position – we have OUTinPerths Ry Wri, the very dapper Neil from The Court Hotel and The Court Hotels leading lady, the divine Hannah Conda, who this week celebrated her 23rd Birthday. YAY!

RTRfm’s Paul Van Lieshout follows on 74 points just one point ahead of photographer and instablogger Claire Alexander and Connections guru Matty Grosse who both finish the fortnight on 73 points.

Connection door gal (and another birthday girl this week) Andie Michelle, along with OUTinPerth editor Graeme Watson both end the fortnight on 72 points, just a couple of points ahead of The Court Hotels Bree Maddox on 70 points.

In our bottom 3 spots this week we have everyones’ favourite disk jockey and All Things Queer host DJ TimBee on 69 points, not too far behind is OUTinPerth journalist and stand up comedienne Sophie Joske on 61 points and still maintaining her prized position at the very bottom of the ladder is the ever so glamorous Famous Sharron on 61 points.

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