Marriage equality mural vandalised


A mural on the side of a Fremantle cafe calling for marriage equality as been repeatedly vandalised, but the local community has banded together to make sure it’s repainted and more murals can be commissioned.

The team at Little Lefroys in South Fremantle are big supporters of marriage equality. So much so that they commissioned street artist Reboot to paint a mural on the popular cafe.

Over the last three months though the mural has been repeatedly vandalised, the most recent attack blacking out the faces of the two people depicted and the image’s silhouette was altered to make it appear as an opposite gender couple.

Since the attacks on the mural began it’s been cleaned multiple times, but the result is the mural has quickly faded and the latest vandalism means it will need to be completely repainted.

This week the team at Little Lefroys launched a crowdfunding campaign to have the mural repainted, and this time it will have an additional protective layer. The team will also invest in a high pressure hose to make any future graffiti attacks short lived.

The fundraising campaign reached it’s target in just a few hours, so now the campaign has been widened and they’re looking for other businesses who’d like to have a marriage equality mural.

Caitlin Exham from Little Lefroys told OUTinPerth that the cafe had been overwhelmed by the community’s response and hoped that the positive message about marriage equality could be spread further. Caitlyn praised artist Reboot for their work and Kia Sawyer who put the fundraising campaign together.

Additional funds that are not used for murals will be donating to The Freedom Centre who offer vital support for LGBTIQ+ youth.

OIP Staff

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