Matthew Young shares song he wrote while in isolation

Kiwi artist Matthew Young returned home from an overseas trip last week and is doing the right thing by self-isolating for fourteen days.

He’s using the time to create some new music, and has just shared a new song he wrote. The r’n’b artist has even dubbed his tune a new musical genre quar’n’b.

Matthew initially wrote Just Hold Tight as a means to work through his own worries for the health of his family, friends and wider community while practicing self-isolation.

Introducing the song to his followers via Soundcloud the artist shares that he felt self-isolating was the responsible course of action.

“Here is a song I started on Tuesday while self-isolating after coming back from overseas. I haven’t been tested and I’m feeling pretty normal, but don’t wanna be that asymptomatic idiot who gets everyone else sick, so I’m not taking any chances.

“I’m 11 days in with 3 more to go, but like a lot of you I’ll be keeping the isolation going a while longer, at least until we can get a better handle on everything here in Aotearoa.” Young said.

“To be totally honest, I wrote this song for me more than anyone else, mostly as a way of reassuring myself that I’d be okay, since I’ve been kinda panicking after arriving home and needed some way to shake off the worry I have for my own health and for those I love most.

“In all likelihood, I will be okay – I don’t fall into any of the ‘high risk’ categories. However, I have a number of loved ones who do – either because of their age, or because they have health conditions or compromised immune systems, all of which predispose them to being more vulnerable to the extremes of the coronavirus.” Young said.

“I’m so happy to see pretty much everyone I follow on IG already staying home and going deep on social distancing. This is how we protect each other and save lives – our global community has already lost too many and we need to do everything in our power to prevent further loss of life, as best we can.

“I’m not trying to minimize how serious this situation is, but since there’s nothing else I’m capable of doing in life other than make music and draw shitty looking self portraits, I figured I’d release this one, cause I think most of us are feeling a lot of the same feelings right now. I remain hopeful for myself and for everyone one else and that’s all I’m really trying to express here.” the singer shared.

Check out the tune below, and add to the comments below – what’s your creative project going to be if you have to spend a big chunk of time at home? 

OIP Staff

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