New anti-LGBTI+ posters found in Melbourne

New anti-gay posters have appeared in Melbourne this week, as Australia ramps up to the postal survey on marriage equality.

Buzzfeed have reported the fresh round of posters were found outside the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology at a tram stop over the weekend.

The person who discovered the poster – Alice Berkeley – told the publication that she wasn’t shocked, but she was angry.

“The presumption that that sentiment would be welcome in the public space right now is appalling,” Berkeley said.

While they have chosen to blur and omit the text of the poster from their article, Buzzfeed report they have received multiple images of the poster which features unfounded claims about the children of same-sex couples.

Last week, another poster round of posters targeting the LGBTI+ community and their children was posted to Twitter by user Dan Leach-McGill and received wide-spread media attention.

A recent admission from Channel Ten that they doctored versions of this image for use in their news bulletin is casting doubt on the existence of the posters on Melbourne’s streets, though the same image can be traced back Iron March – an online Neo-Nazi forum who used the image earlier this year.

Neo-Nazi collective Antipodean Resistance have claimed responsibility for the newly discovered poster on their social media accounts.

A Senate committee dedicated to investigating arrangements for the postal survey is currently taking submissions, and are encouraging Australians to send instances of anti-LGBTI+ imagery and material.

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