New polls shows older coalition supporters want marriage equality

The latest ReachTel Poll across the seats of five senior Cabinet Ministers reveals 65% of ‘Baby Boomers’ in Liberal seats back marriage equality along with the majority of people over the age of 65.

The poll took in the seats of Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne, Health Minister Greg Hunt, Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Prime Miniter Malcolm Turnbull.

The leading national advocacy group for marriage equality, The Equality Campaign said the poll commissioned by The Australia Institute not only reinforces how most Australians back this straightforward reform, but the majority of people in the seats of Liberal Cabinet Minister’s also back equality.

“Polling in the seats of these Liberal Cabinet Ministers is consistent with the two-thirds majority of Australians who want every Australian afforded the same dignity and respect,” said Alex Greenwich, Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality.

“Liberal Seats have some of the highest levels of support across the nation including the Federal Seat of Goldstein where a recent ReachTel Survey revealed that 77% of the electorate backs marriage equality.”

“In the seat of Kooyong which was held by the former Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, almost 68% of voters and 72% of baby boomers want their families and friends to have the same dignity, respect and ability to be equal in our nation.”

Kooyong is currently held by Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg.

Greenwich said the senate inquiry had shown a straight forward pathway for allowing a free vote on the issue in parliament and it was time for the government to act.

“The majority of the nation backs this straightforward reform and the Senate Inquiry delivered a pathway that was fair for every Australian whilst having no impact on the religious celebration of marriage,” Greenwich said.

Deputy Director of The Australia Institute, Ebony Bennett said the government was simply ignoring the wants of the people who voted for them.

“The majority of voters support same sex marriage, including in key Minister’s electorates. Every day this issue remains unresolved, the Coalition is ignoring the views and wishes of its own voters and the rights of same sex couples. That’s why this issue will not go away.

Tiernan Brady who led the successfully ‘Yes’ campaign during Ireland’s marriage equality debate said it the change that was needed was fairly straight forward.

“Marriage Equality is a straightforward reform that takes from no one but will have a profound positive impact on LGBTI people and their families and friends,” Brady said.

“Our message is clear to all Federal MP’s, it’s time to do your job and introduce marriage equality in line with the clear wishes and values of the Australian people and we won’t give up until they do.

“Parliament can deliver this fair reform that is simply about dignity and respect. No one will be less married or more gay. It will be a unifying moment that ensures everyone is valued as an equal while allowing our nation to move forward.”

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