On This Gay Day: Singer Mika was born in 1983

Singer Mika was born on this day in 1983

Mika scored a string of huge hits in 2007 including Grace Kelly, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) and Love Today, and he’s gone on making great music ever since.

He was born Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr in Beirut Lebanon, but his family moved to Paris when he was a child, and then to London.

After finishing his education, he signed to Casablanca Records, the label which was home to The Village People, Donna Summer, and KISS in the 70s disco era.

To date Mika has released six albums of music and has also spent time as a judge on many different talent shows including The Voice France and X Factor Italy. 

In 2022 he was one of the hosts of Eurovision when it was held in Turin, Italy.

Happy Birthday Mika! 

OIP Staff

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