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In The Game: Non-binary, trans and queer identities in sport

We discussed last month about the crossovers between the bisexual+ and the gender-expansive experience, particularly where non-binary people can find themselves on the receiving...

Bi+, Non-Binary & Belonging: Intersectionality in the LGBTI+ community

There is more crossover between the bisexual+ and the gender non-binary communities than you might expect. It also makes a certain sense: if gender is...

Bisexual+ Community Perth on why visibility is still so important

In 2017, Bisexual+ Community Perth marched for the first time in the Pride Parade with approximately 40 people – bi, pan and multi-gender attracted...

Bi Your Side: Bisexual+ visibility on TV at an all time high

It’s Pride month, and bisexual+ visibility might just be about to reach an all-time high, on British television at least. As we gear up to...

Don't Wanna Be All Bi Myself: Mental health & the bisexual+ community

They say don’t talk about politics or religion in polite company. I wish that meant Scott Morrison would STFU. But it feels like the real...

Bi Viz: Celebrate Bi Visibility Day with Bisexual+ Community Perth

Bi Visibility Day is coming up on September 23. First observed in 1999, Bi Visibility Day is an international call to recognise and celebrate the...

I'm A Little Bi-Furious: Bi+ women and non-binary folk talk biphobia

In the 2015 comedy Me Him Her Gabbi, played by Emily Meade, is called a “fake lesbian” by her evil ex-girlfriend. Gabbi’s perceived crime? Falling...

CD Reviews: New sounds to fill your life

Troye Sivan Bloom ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Cutting edge, sweet, and cozy are three words to describe Troye Sivan's Bloom. Sivan's life is directly engraved...


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Youth engagement grants announced

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‘Smalltown Boy’ gets a makeover for its 40th anniversary

There's only 1000 copies of the new mixes available on CD.

Max Richter to undertake his first ever world tour

He'll be playing a concert in Perth in February 2025.

On This Gay Day | Transgender trailblazer Christine Jorgensen was born

In 1951 she was the first US citizen to undergo gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment.