Podcast ‘The Gays Are Revolting’ to end after 101 episodes

Popular podcast The Gays Are Revolting will be coming to an end after 101 episodes. The Melbourne based foursome just released their 98th episode this week and announced that after episode 101, due out later this month, they’ll be hanging up their headphones and turning off their microphones.

The team announced the end of the long running show saying they would be on “indefinite hiatus”.

Comedian Thomas Jaspers said it was a hard decision to bring the show to a close.

“It’s a hard thing, we’ve covered so much and we’ve interviewed so many amazing people and told so many of our own stories and it has been fantastic, and the feedback and response we’ve had from people has been amazing…but I feel that we’re all in agreeance that it’s time for other people to telling those stories and investigating those things.” Jaspers said.

“When we started this podcast there wasn’t really any Australian regular gay podcasts that were happening, but now their are so many amazing ones.”

Over the run the show Jaspers, alongside Mykii Rangi , Luke Forrester and Kyle Dowsett, have tackled a wide range of topics from the frivolous to the deadly serious. The quartet have lead discussions on important topics including mental health, sexual behavior, getting tested for STIs, and relationship advice.

They’ve also delivered sold-out live shows in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne and built an active online community.

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