POP and Tag A Drag Bingo return to Connections tonight

There’s no place like home! Connections Nightclub returning with a roaring reopening event over the weekend, and the club’s weekly events are returning to the main room tonight.

Dynamic duo Veronica Jean Jones and Donna Kebab have been live-streaming Tag A Drag Bingo from the main stage each week, and tonight will see the girls fondling the balls together once again from 7:30pm.

Later, POP is bursting back onto the stage as BarbieQ returns after week of bringing local drag fans the best local talent with POP From Home.

Barbie will be joined by Freddie Beperfect and Serenity for some fabulous live numbers, and up-and-coming artists will return to the Dragathon arena for Connies’ weekly drag showdown.

Connections’ weekend festivities are set to continue, with Must Be The Music coming back to queerify your Fridays. Fans who missed out on opening weekend will also get a chance to enjoy all the magic of Your Disco Needs You! this Saturday night; with a massive performance from BarbieQ, Delvira Midnight, Alexas Armstrong, Veronica Jean Jones, Sassie Cassie and Donna Kebab.

The venue has reiterated their commitment to COVID safety, reminding patrons that a one in / one out policy must be enforced one the club reached capacity. Connections are offering priority ticketing and queue jump options for those who want to make sure they secure their spot.

Tag A Drag Bingo and POP! return to Connections tonight from 7:30pm, or head home for Must Be The Music this Friday and Your Disco Needs You! on Saturday.

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