‘Queer as Folk’ revamp cancelled after just one season

Queer as Folk

The revamped series Queer as Folk has been cancelled after just one season. Show runner Stephen Dunn shared the news on social media.

“It’s a rare gift in these times, and in this country, to be able to make a show as fearless and unapologetic as ‘Queer as Folk,’” Dunn wrote on Instagram. “This experience changed our lives forever and we’re so grateful to have found this incredible new family. But today we received the disappointing news that we’re not getting a second season.”

““We know how much it’s meant to the fans and while we’re heartbroken we won’t get to make more episodes, we wanna thank everyone for watching and falling in love with Brodie, Mingus, Ruthie, Noah, Shar, Julian, Daddius, Bussey, Marvin, Judy and Brenda. We’re so grateful for the chance to honor our community and are so proud of this show.” Dunn said.

The series had been praised for its inclusive approach that included created characters with a wide variety of backgrounds and attributes, where previous iterations of the show had been predominately white and middle class. Some viewers however struggled to engage with the show’s storylines and didn’t find it as engaging as the earlier US version of the show, or the original UK series.

Queer as Folk debuted in the United Kingdom in 1999, it starred Aidan Gillen, Charlie Hunnam and Craig Kelly and was set in Manchester. A US version ran for 5 series from 2000 and was set in the city of Pittsburgh.

The revamped series was set in New Orleans and followed the lives of a diverse group of characters following a traumatic event. The series starred Devin Way, Fin Argus, Jesse James Keitel, CG, Johnny Sibilly and Ryan O’Connell. Kim Cattrall and Juliette Lewis also appeared in the series in guest star roles.

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