Review | Get horny for MÂCHÉ XL

MÂCHÉ XL | The Gold Digger | til Jan 28 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

After the success of MÂCHÉ and MÂCHÉ: Home, the team from Gendermess Productions return with an all-new drag showcase extraordinaire with MÂCHÉ XL.

Local queens Ginava, Donna Kebab, Perri Oxide, Flo Reel and Skye Scraper combined their talents with guest performers Scarlet Adams, Lunar Sea, Jason Green and hostess Veronica Jean Jones and run the gamut of imagination in a frenzied, beautiful gendermess.

Immediately the audiences curiosity is piqued by a mysterious pile of miscellany in the centre of the Gold Digger’s arena stage. The five messers appear to perform a bizarre ritual that summons what I can only describe as a great and terrifying evil… I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

As the show continues, each performer takes turns on stage with a routine in their own particular style. What could have been a disjointed succession of random spots is tied neatly together by VJJ’s hosting and the overall tone of each performance; twisted, irreverent and glamorous.

Each performance was uniquely captivating, whether it was Ginava and Jason Green tiptoeing through the tulips as floral beasts, Flo Reel making incredibly unique artwork on stage, Perri Oxide serving up a demented BDSM fantasy or Lunar Sea showing you just how horny they can be – there was not a dull moment in the hour, and I found myself gagging for more.

With a few slight changes to the cast and format since Home, the gang have really turned up the heat on what was already a wonderfully executed concept. Gendermess allow their talent to do what they do best, and seamlessly tie the threads together in a complete package. First-time Fringer Skye Scraper made for a exciting fresh addition to the cast, and the guest performers all brought their own personal flair which made for a mind-boggling grand finale.

There’s a good reason Gendermess’ Fringe World productions have found their way to the top of my recommendations for things to see at festival time. If you’re a fan of the beautiful, the absurd, drag or… rhinoceros – MÂCHÉ XL is the show for you.

MÂCHÉ XL has one final show tonight at 10:30pm in the Gold Digger. Tickets and more information available from

Leigh Andrew Hill

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