Review: Tomás Ford’s Crap Music Rave Party


Tomás Ford’s Crap Music Rave Party | Noodle Palace | Sun 31 Jan | ★ ★ ★

As you arrive at Noodle Palace the sound of The Vengaboys can be heard echoing down the street, their easily recognisable chant about how they’re coming, and everybody’s jumping, from New York to San Francisco, in every kind of disco.

It’s not a song that get’s heard on the radio nowadays, but once upon a time it was huge and we loved it, but not that we’d admit.

Except perhaps in the safe confines of Tomás Ford’s Crap Music Rave Party where those cringe worthy songs have home. On a Sunday night as the sun set across Northbridge, a few mates, a couple of ciders and some dubious tunes was a fun outing.

Jennifer Paige was never heard of again after she sang about how she had just a little crush, but she welcomed to the party. We googled her, she’s just launched a kick starter campaign to fund her first album as an independent artist.

D:ream’s ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ got a spin, the song which became an anthem for British Labor leader Tony Blair’s election campaign, was a sure-fire crowd satisfying tune.  KWS’s light electro cover of KC & The Sunshine Band’s ‘Please Don’t Go’ resurrected.

Things started to get slightly bogan when ‘Who Let the Dog’s Out’ hit the turntable, and a massive outbreak of straight-boy twerking erupted when Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ was blasted out of the speakers. You couldn;t help but feel sorry for Nicki – her tune was probably the newest tune played all night – from new release to cringe selection in just a year.

Hipsters cried into their ciders and filled their lungs with off-key wails as ‘What About Me’ came on, we spent some time trying to work out if it was the original version or Shannon Noll cover.

Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours, although the queer community can experience a similar retro playlist at Connections POP! every Thursday.   

Tomas Ford’s Crap Music Rave Party has finished, but you can check Tomas out in his other show, ‘Tomas Ford’s Craptacular’ which is playing The Board Walk in Mandurah and Noodle Palace in Northbridge. Tickets available at 

Graeme Watson


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