REVIEW: ‘Wish’


Wish, the Humphrey Bower adaptation of Peter Goldsworthy’s novel is an exploration of language and relationships. The two person show is simple and elegant and Bower engages the audience with perfectly worded monologues and exquisite movement from Danielle Micich.

The use of physical theatre is stunning and ties in perfectly with the simplicity of the show. With the addition of the musical accompaniment from Leon Ewing on guitar, the show is a perfect black and white piece of storytelling.

I left the theatre feeling warm, loved and sad, and I’d been unsure of what to expect. The story raised questions about interaction and how this affects not only the people directly involved but also those on the edges.

This show isn’t for the faint hearted, and as the relationships develop, it becomes quite confronting. The understanding that language can be both a barrier and a way to connect people is shown perfectly through the relationship that JJ and Wish have. I found myself routing for them and feeling heartbroken for both of them too.

If you’re read the book, you’ll notice that a lot of the story and characters are missing, but for this performance, the details left out weren’t needed. The main themes stand out and you are taken on a journey of love, loss, change and independence.

Adapting, directing and starring Bower use the stage and his presence on it effectively. Taking on six or seven characters, he differentiates perfectly with subtle changes to his voice, posture and movements. Studio Underground is a superb space and the simplicity of both the space and set match the production.

This is a brilliant start to PTCo’s Perth season!

Alice Newport

Alice is a regular contributor for OUTinPerth. Read more of her work here.

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