Review | Wonder Woman storms into cinemas

Wonder Woman | M | Dir: Patty Jenkins | ★ ★ ★ ½

Superhero movies have been heavy on the ground in the last few years and It’s been tough to differentiate between the Marvel Universe and the DC Comics world but one thing has remained a constant; when it comes to saving the world it’s a mans game to save the day and the ladies are mere window dressing.

Until now that is…

Starring as the iconic figure of Wonder Woman, Israeli actress Gal Gadot brings a formidable presence to the screen in a role that requires her to not only compete with her male counterparts, but also to show them how its done.

The threadbare story of how an Amazonian princess from a mystical all female isle in a hidden dimension who travels to save the day in the real world during World War 1 isn’t as important as sitting back and watching the sheer joy of her doing it.

There is some clunky dialogue and a few awkward moments of “sexual tension” between Gadot and Chris Pine that were played for cheap laughs to dispense of any audience tension that a female warrior princess might be a big lesbian.

It makes for some tepid humour that only resonated with the more juvenile members of the audience but that’s not the selling point of this movie. Chris Pine provides able man candy backup to Gadot’s Wonder Woman but it’s when she displays her fighting prowess that this movie really takes flight.

Not to give too much away but when the men have reached a stalemate in a war to end all wars and no mans land cannot be crossed Wonder Woman proves she can do more than leap a tall building in a single bound, she can level it to the ground.

Already breaking records for a movie directed by a woman and starring a female lead Wonder Woman is also set to out pace the box office grosses of the male lead superhero tales that have come before her.

Though not a brilliantly cohesive movie the elements that work, do so big time, Gadot is a breakout star and the whole cast makes this a joy to behold with the promise of bigger and better instalments to come.

Clinton Little

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