Sabrina Frederick powers her way through ‘SAS Australia’

SAS Australia premiered this week and has been a ratings success for Channel 7. The show puts celebrities and influencers through a series of physical and mental challenges based on the training SAS recruits undergo.

While some celebrities checked out of the show finding the challenges too demanding, WAFL player Sabrina Frederick has emerged as one of the toughest competitors.  Frederick noted that she’s the show’s queer contestant.

During the first episode the contestants were asked to fall backwards out of a helicopter into a freezing cold lake, undertake a grueling hike and take on each other in a brutal boxing match.  When it was Sabrina’s turn to fight another contestant she picked Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummings. While the gigantic AFL player gave her a serious pummeling, she impressed the former SAS trainers who were in command.

In the second episode Sabrina showed her strength during a game of murderball. While many of the contestants are struggling with the course, it looks like Sabrina Frederick could go all the way in the program.

SAS Australia airs on Channel 7 on Monday and Tuesday nights.

OIP Staff

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