Same-Sex Marriage Moves Forward in France

marseille-kiss[1]The debate of legalising same-sex marriage is potentially wrapping up in France, with same-sex marriage narrowly passing in the Senate – the vote was 179 to 157 in favour of the legislation.

Huge protests and counter-protests in major French cities generated global interest and uncertainty surrounding the outcome, the second part of the Bill is yet to be discussed, which will decide adoption rights for same-sex couples.

A recent poll revealed that 65% of French respondents were in favour of same-sex marriage, the nation gets more conservative when it comes to children, only 53% support adoption rights for same-sex couples.

Although the outcome of the Bill is still uncertain, the passing of the second half will mean almost guaranteed legalisation, a confirming signature from President Francois Hollande will legalise the Bill, Hollande has already expressed his support for the motion.

Just yesterday LGBT Tasmania made progress on adoption rights, with the lower house voting 18 to 4 to end the ban on same-sex adoption.

“It is a sign of how far Tasmania has come that there is such strong cross-party support for this important legislation”, said Rodney Croome, The National Convener for Australian Marriage Equality.

Nadine Walker

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