Senator Cory Bernardi resigns from Australian parliament

South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has resigned from the Australian Senate.

The conservative politician informed Senate President Scott Ryan of his resignation today, with Ryan tweeting that the decision would take effect immediately.

Bernardi entered parliament as a Liberal Senator for South Australia in 2006, filling a vacancy left by outgoing Senator Robert Hill.

In 2017, Bernardi split from the Liberals in protest of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership – forming the now defunct Australian Conservatives. He leaves parliament as an independent Senator.

Since Bernardi was elected to the senate as a representative for the Liberal Party, South Australia’s state parliament will confirm a Liberal member to fill his vacancy in Canberra.

Bernardi had a long history of opposition to LGBTIQ+ rights in Australia, and was staunchly against marriage equality; comparing same-sex marriage to bestiality and railing against transgender identities.

His replacement is not expected to be confirmed until after South Australia’s state parliament resumes in early February.

OIP Staff

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