‘Sequin in a Blue Room’ is coming to Luna Cinemas in September

Provocative film Sequin In A Blue Room is coming to Luna Leederville in September.

It’s the debut feature from filmmaker Samuel Van Grinsven. Van Grinsven, who has a background in theatre, co-wrote the film with Jory Anast and made it as his final Masters project at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS). The director’s studies lead him to explore the new queer cinema movement of the 1990’s and his film draws upon the aesthetics and conventions of films of that time.

Sequin In The Blue Room follows a teenage boy, played by Conor Leach, who explores his sexuality through queer hook-up apps. Online he uses the nickname ‘Sequin’. After being invited to an anonymous sex party known as the Blue Room, he becomes obsessed with a man he meets in there, and his attempts to track down the man take him into dangerous territory.

The film had it’s premiere at the Sydney Film Festival last year and in July celebrated it’s international debut at Outfest in Los Angeles. The Hollywood Reporter described it as “Riveting. An auspicious feature debut.”

An exclusive season commences at Luna Leederville from 3rd September.

Watch the trailer.

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