Singaporean pop star Wils starts again after coming out

Singaporean pop star Wils career had slowly been growing but when he told his record company he wanted to come out, he was quickly dumped by his label and they deleted all of his social media channels – removing his fan base.

Since then the singer has had to start from scratch again, sent back to square one in building his career. In a new interview with GLAAD the singer, who is now based in Los Angeles, reflects on his journey so far.

Wils shares how he struggled to let his family know he was gay, but not being able to share the news with his fans was also difficult.

“I‌ was let go from my previous label after I‌ came out to them. They removed my social media before I‌ could let my fans know. I was really upset because I‌ wished that we could have made a difference to many other’s lives, especially when, in many parts of Asia, being gay is still not widely accepted.” Wils explained.

Performing under the moniker Wiltay, he had over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Now he’s using the name Wils, and writing songs that reflect on his life as a gay man.

His latest release Empty is a reflection on hook-up culture and his search for a genuine relationship.

“Sometimes we feel the need for a deeper connection beyond just the physical body, you know? It’s easy to get a spark, but it’s hard to keep a flame.‌‌ Sometimes, you just wish to get to know someone better.

“There’d be times when you have a deep connection in a hookup, and you’d wish for that to last. It sucks that ghosting has become quite a norm, too.

“It’s awkward when you see someone you’ve hooked up with, but they won’t even make eye contact with you in public.” Wils said in his latest interview.

Take a listen to the track and check out the video.

OIP Staff