Sink your teeth into ‘Briefs: Bite Club’ with Sahara Beck & her band

The exquisitely talented team at Briefs have returned to their second home on the west coast with an all-new flagship show and new faces to grace our stages.

Fez Fa’anana, Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill, Sam Smith, Brett Rosengreen and WA heartthrob Louis Biggs are back with Briefs: Bite Club, giving you a taste of what the five-star reviews are all about.

The new show boils the troupe’s camp, queer blend of cabaret, comedy and circus into a delectable main course for your latest Fringe binge.

The latest flavour on the menu is Sahara Beck and her band, bringing the Briefs dish to a new level with her suave synth and pop pulse.

“The inclusion of Sahara Beck and her incredible band adds another dimension to the Briefs offering, one that audiences in the east have been obsessed with since we launched it last year,” Fez (Aka Shivannah) said of Sahara’s inclusion.

“The energy in her voice is out of this world!”

Speaking to OUTinPerth and All Things Queer on RTRFM, Sahara explains how she found her way into the mix.

“We actually saw each other playing at Woodford Folk Festival a couple of years ago… I just admired them so much and I obviously thought they’re just amazing and I’d never meet them or anything,” Sahara said.

“Turns out they actually came and watched a couple of my shows, and then Mark got in touch with me over Instagram of all things and we talked about creating a show together and we’ve just been playing it all over the place.

“It’s just been a dream come true and just an absolute favourite show of my life that I’ve been a part of.”

Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill also tells us that this collaboration is an absolute dream.

“The main thing is it’s all original score and sung live from Sahara Beck and her brilliant band… it’s an actual dream show and to be doing it in the big Aurora Speigeltent – I think it’s just gonna be magic.”

Get a taste of Briefs: Bite Club from Sun 16 Jan – Sun 13 Feb. For tickets and more information, head to

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