‘Sleeping Beauty’ pantomime is here to start the festive season

Pantomimes are a big part of the festive season in the United Kingdom and in recent years their popularity has been growing in Australia too.

This year Zealous Productions is back and are unleashing what promises to be the ultimate holiday hilarity with their uproarious rendition of Sleeping Beauty by the one and only Tom Whalley Pantomimes.

In this take on the well-known fairy tale, once upon a time a beautiful Princess was placed under a terrible curse by the most vile and wicked fairy in the land, Carabosse!

Just one prick of her finger and Princess Beauty would fall into a cursed sleep for 100 years only to be woken by true love’s kiss. With the help of the Queen and the hapless court jester Chester, will the handsome Prince Philip be able to break the spell? To find out, you’ll need to snap up some tickets.

The show is described as a pantomime extravaganza that’ll have you laughing in the aisles, dancing in your seats, and wondering if the fairies swapped out their wands for whoopee cushions! Director Brendan Hanson promises a Christmas cracker of a show that will be a mountain of fun.

Pantomime comes with its own set of rules, with many of the characters in drag, lots of audience interaction and over the top comedy. Their huge business in the UK.

This year Boy George even signed up to be part of a massive production where he played Captain Hook, and acclaimed actor Ian McKellen has even been earning rave reviews for his outrageous production of Mother Goose

Sleppy Beauty is at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco from 15-24 December with matinee and early evening show. Tickets are on sale now

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