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Review | Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes is something else… and more

Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes | Blue Room Theatre | til Aug 25 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ Oh my, this show is certainly something else… and then some. Unveiling: Gay Sex For Endtimes is a heady, visceral romp through personal and biblical Revelations. It’s filled with locust queens, bodily fluids and so much queerness you […]

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Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes – The second coming

After having its debut season sadly cut short, one of last year’s most exciting local works has risen and will come again… for a limited season. My colleague Graeme Watson noted in his review of the show’s original season that a “naked man, on a bed, on his hands and knees, repetitively screaming ‘fuck me’ […]

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