Tasmanian advocates welcome end of Claire Chandler’s sports bill

Tasmanian advocates have welcomed the election results in their state, hailing the end of the divisive legislation brought forward by the previous government.

Equality Tasmania is celebrating the demise of the Morrison Government’s Religious Discrimination Bill and Senator Claire Chandler’s bill allowing discrimination against transgender women in sport.

“Many Tasmanians will breath a sigh of relief that Scott Morrison’s bill weakening Tasmania’s gold-standard discrimination laws, and Claire Chandler’s bill allowing discrimination against trans women, are now off the table with the election of a Labor Government,” Spokesperson Rodney Croome said.

“The increased vote for Bridget Archer in Bass, despite an Australian Christian Lobby campaign against her triggered by her opposition to the Religious Discrimination Bill, shows that Tasmanians reject the politics of division and discrimination.”

“There is now a real opportunity to resolve long-standing examples of discrimination in federal law including laws allowing discrimination by faith-based schools, the exclusion of LGBTIQA+ people from the Census, and the ban against gay, bisexual and transgender blood donation.”

“Many transgender Tasmanians and their allies will also welcome the success of transgender woman, and sports inclusion advocate, Jade Darko, who increased the Greens’ vote in Franklin, showing many Tasmanians welcome the opportunity to vote for transgender candidates.”

Croome said the defeat of Senator Eric Abetz will also be welcomed by many LGBTIQA+ people across the nation.

“Senator Abetz was a strident opponent of every step towards LGBTIQA+ equality and we welcome the election of Tammy Tyrrell, a supporter of the LGBTIQA+ community, to take his place.”

“The message from this election is that Tasmanians want fairness not discrimination, inclusion not prejudice.”

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