The Catch Up: Here’s the 5 most read stories of the last week

Had a busy week, don’t worry you can quickly catch up on the most read stories of the last 7 days. Here’s what everyone’s been reading.

Fraser Anning vows to repeal same-sex marriage laws

Former One Nation and Katter Australia Party senator Fraser Anning is now establishing his own political party. He says if he’s elected to the senate at the next federal election rolling back Australia’s same-sex marriage laws will be on his agenda.

WA Labor accused of homophobia over Christopher Pyne post

WA Labor posted a video depicting retiring Liberal MP Christopher Pyne as Queen singer Freddie Mercury, the deleted it off Twitter after they received a barrage of complaints saying it was homophobic. State Secretary Matt Dixon told OUTinPerth people shouldn’t read too much into the video’s intent.

Milo Yiannopoulos banned from entering Australia

The Department of Immigration announced it would not be granting a visa to controversial speaker Milo Yiannopoulos. Following campaigning from Liberal and One Nation MPs, and heavy criticism from conservative commentators, Immigration Minister David Coleman reversed the decision, something that the opposition was not happy about.

Its thirty years since Madonna released ‘Like a Prayer’ 

Madonna’s 1989 release of her landmark single ‘Like a Prayer’ were a career changing moment for the singer, but it was surrounded in controversy. We look back on the hit record three decades after it first came out.

Scientist report a second person has HIV in remission

Twelve years after ‘The Berlin Patient’ became the first person to be in full remission from HIV, a second person has successfully had a bone marrow transplant during cancer treatment, and appears to have removed HIV from their body.

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