US Supreme Court rules against LGBTIQ+ workplace discrimination

The US’ top court has ruled that the nation’s current workplace discrimination act must apply to cases of discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity.

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court voted 6-3 that discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity is a form of sex discrimination, and protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The decision comes as the Trump administration is rolling back protections for trans and gender diverse folks, with the Department of Health moving to allow for discrimination against trans folks seeking healthcare earlier this month.

US LGBTIQ+ advocacy group and media watchdog GLAAD has celebrated the win, saying “victories like this don’t happen in a vacuum.”

“This morning’s ruling by the Supreme Court to uphold employment protections for LGBTQ people gives us hope that as a country we can unite for the common good and continue the fight for LGBTQ acceptance,” GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement.

“Although today’s decisions represent a pivotal step forward, there are still critical gaps in our federal non-discrimination laws and the laws of our states.”

“First and foremost, we need Congress to pass the Equality Act, which passed the House and still awaits a Senate vote.”

OutRight Action International Executive Director Jessica Stern has also welcomed the ruling.

“The Supreme Court stating explicitly that under the Civil Rights Act discrimination based on sex includes discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is a tremendous victory,” Stern said.

“The decision comes at a time when the Trump administration has been viciously attacking the rights of LGBTIQ people, in particular trans people.”

“It will protect millions of Americans from discrimination in the workplace, and sends a powerful message – that political power-play can not erase basic human rights.”

“This judgment will have implications for LGBTIQ people everywhere – governments and movements are inspired by each other, and landmark judgments are quoted by courts across the world.”

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