Alarming Video – Gay Club Attacked in Ukraine

Kiev ClubA video has emerged depicting 20 attackers bursting into a gay club in Kiev (also referred to as Kyiv).

It was last week announced that the city’s Pride was cancelled at the last minute after authorities informed the organisers that they could not protect participants from violence.

Kiev’s mayor, Vitali Klichko claimed that this was not the time for “entertainment events” following the country’s recent unrest.

Following the news, an attack occurred on a gay bar in Kiev called the Pomada. Footage of the event (below) shows clubbers being ushered into the venue by a bouncer as, out of sight, another group approaches. One man fails to make it into the venue and flees, with an attacker in pursuit. The attackers force the door open before being beaten back and fleeing.

Several of the men in the video are wearing neo-Nazi symbols including the Celtic cross.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that a smoke bomb and a few firecrackers were thrown into the club.

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