WA Premier Mark McGowan announces resignation

WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced his resignation.

The Premier said his 30 years in public service had been “an honour and a privilege’.

Flanked by his cabinet, McGowan said it was time for him to step down as both the Premier and member for Rockingham. Listing off his government’s achievements the premier said now was the right time to step away.

The Premier said he’d loved the role but he was exhausted citing the endless demands the role requires. He will leave the parliament at the end of this week.

“I’m convinced WA Labor can win and will win the next election in 2025. But I just don’t have the energy or drive that is required to continue in the role as premier, or to fight that election which would have been my eight election as a member of parliament.

“This job is like no other, after seven elections across nearly three decades, now is the right time to step away from the job that I have loved. Therefore, I will be resigning as premier and member for Rockingham. This week will be my final week.

“It is not a decision I have taken lightly, I’ve been considering it for quite a while. But I needed to hand down a state budget before a made a final decision. Taking this step I note two things, WA the stronger and more successful than ever before. And the government has a great team and can very, very easily find a replacement.” McGowan said.

McGowan was elected as the state’s 30th Premier at a landslide election which saw the Barnett Liberal government swept from power. He increased his majority even further at the 2020 election which left the Liberals with only two representatives in the lower house.

After guiding the state through the Covid-19 pandemic McGowan enjoyed a record level of popularity. McGowan would not be drawn on who may replace him as premier, or as the member for Rockingham.

McGowan was first elected to parliament in 1996 and was a minister in the both the Gallop and Carpenter government.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said McGowan had been a “great premier of his proud state.”

“I know it’s true the sheer scale of his final election victory earned him a place in Australian political history, I know Mark’s definition of success has always been about delivering for people, improving lives and creating progress that endures. He has done all this in spaces.” Albanese said.

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