Why hasn’t there been a PrEP trial in Western Australia?


On World AIDS Day, Askanka Gunasekera, Chair of the WA AIDS Council, congratulated on South Australia on their recent announcement that they would hold a trial into PrEP treatment.

“This leaves Western Australia as the only major jurisdiction in Australia that has not made such arrangements. A proposal has been with the Minister for Health, the Honourable John Day for some time and we are keenly waiting to learn of his decision.” Gunasekera said.

WA AIDS Council Chief Executive Andrew Burry told OUTinPerth that there were good ececomic reasons to support PrEP, highlighting that it costs less a hundred dollars a year for the state to provide a person with PrEP, in contrast the cost of caring for someone who has aquired HIV is $19,000 annualy.


Ryan Oliver, state representative for the National Association of People With HIV Australia, told the crowd at the World AIDS Day gathering given the medical treatments now available there was no reason for new HIV transmissions.

“I feel there is a lack of effort for a dialogue and robust action in WA, it’s time that PrEP trials were begun.” Oliver said. “I feel we need to question every new diagnosis from today to when PrEP become available, as it is blood on the hands of those who have been inactive and slow in acting.”

OUTinPerth asked the Minister’s office when a decision was likely to be made, and why WA is the last cab off the rank. We’re waiting to hear back…

Graeme Watson

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