Bad news for fans of the Spanish gay rom-com show ‘Smiley’


Bad news for fans of the Spanish TV show Smiley. Netflix has announced the show will not be returning for a second season.

The show followed the relationship of barman Álex, played by Carlos Cuecas, and architect Bruno, portrayed by Miki Esparbé. The couple meet by chance and these two show that opposite really can attract.

The series was based on play that show runner Guillem Clau wrote. The series was highly praised for its positive depiction of a same-sex romance, and it was nominated for Outstanding Spanish-Language Scripted Television at the 2023 GLAAD Awards.

The show joins a long list of LGBTIQA+ themed shows that have failed to make it past a single season.

US advocacy group GLAAD published it’s annual Where We Are On TV report, and the most recent edition showed that around the globe 54 LGBTIQA+ inclusive series had been cancelled in the last year. The cancelations see a total of 140 LGBTIQA+ characters disappearing from television.

An Australian study released earlier this year showed that while there were more LGBTIQA+ characters in Australian made programs, they were still below a level that represented the actual population.

OIP Staff

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