Christian Monitor blames militant homosexuals for ACL explosion

A Christian news website in the USA claims militant homosexuals are responsible for the explosion at the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters.

A report at The Christian Monitor says Australia has become a place where Christians are targeted by Muslim thugs and militant homosexuals.

The news story from contributor Jay Gotera links several recent events in Australia describing them as a pattern of Christian persecution.

Among the examples listed are a column from News Corp’s Miranda Devine highlighting an altercation on a Sydney train. the 2016 explosion at the Australian Christian Lobby, the controversy surrounding Coopers Brewery, and the focus on board members of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute.

When it comes to the explosion at the Australian Christian Lobby the author lays the blame at the feet of Australia’s LGBTI community.

“Aside from Muslims, homosexual groups in Australia have also been attacking Christian business owners.

“In December, the headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), a group that defends the rights of Christians and strongly opposes same-sex marriage, was the apparent target of an attempted bombing.

“Militant gay rights activists have also attacked companies that have links to Christian organizations.”

It has previously been widely reported that there was no ideological motivation behind the explosion that occurred in front of the ACL’s Canberra headquarters.

Despite the Australian Federal Police declaring the Australian Christian Lobby was not targeted by the man behind the December explosion, the author appears to have no hesitation in blaming gay and lesbian Australians.

The Christian Post describes itself as the USA’s most comprehensive Christian news website. OUTinPerth has reached out to The Christian Monitor and asked them if they stand by their report.

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