Christian website say this symbol is a secret sign in the gay community

One of the world’s leading news sites for Christian news has published an opinion piece claiming the some of the symbols embraced by the LGBT community have secret meanings.

Writing at Lifesite Doug Mainwaring claims that the symbol used by America’s Human Rights Campaign in not what it seems.

The author says that while many people might just think that the organisation’s equal signs is a symbol standing for equality it may also have another meaning.

“The Human Rights Campaign’s logo consisting of a yellow equal sign against a blue background — is it too nothing more than what it appears to be?”

Citing the Human Rights campaigns blue and yellow logo, and a red and pink version that became popular during the campaign for marriage equality in America, Mainwaring suggests they actually represent a plan to destroy Christianity.

“…is it possible that in both cases the parallel bars insidiously represent the dismantled beams of the Cross of Christ? The vertical component that represents humanity’s connection to God has been laid on its side, deemed irrelevant in these modern times.” Mainwaring ponders.

The author also describes the decision by the Obama government to drape the White House in the colours of the Pride Flag after the marriage equality decision was made as a symbol of the “hostile ideological takeover of a great nation by a foreign occupying force.”

We kept looking at the HRC logo, and if you look long enough….



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