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Sav AdeleLosing a large amount of weight is the fitness objective with the highest percentage of failure. For many, the goal can seem overwhelming because an almost complete overhaul of lifestyle is needed.

Complicating matters is the fact that the balance of diet and exercise that is successful for one person might not be the right combination for the next.

There are several factors that contribute to the obesity epidemic.

Often people that are battling obesity have been fighting the fight most of their lives. Many of the cases I’ve witnessed are a result of a long history of poor lifestyle choices through a lack of education. These people believe there’s nothing wrong with their diet or lifestyle as this is what they’ve always done or what they’ve learnt from the role models in their lives.

For example, I once had a client tell me he had a perfectly good diet and then, to my horror, proceeded to divulge that he didn’t drink water, but only strawberry milk (about 1.5 litres a day – including a mug by his bed at night!), no fruit at all and of course he ate vegies…. a few frozen vegies once a week in a stew. Mostly his diet consisted of slabs of meat, pastries, pies and similar horrendous food-like substances.

Over-eating and weight problems can also be linked to psychological issues. Emotional trauma may lead to depression, self loathing and comfort eating. Another factor mentioned by some is the ‘thyroid problem’ though, in reality, this condition is only responsible for a low percentage of cases.

The weight loss equation is simple. If energy in (calorie or food/drink intake) is less than energy out (calories burnt during activity) then you should drop weight. However, starving yourself or crash dieting is dangerous. There can be quick initial results but your health will suffer and you can end up putting all the weight back on, and then some! Eat healthy, balanced meals that are correctly portioned. You should never feel sick and bloated at the end of a meal and the top button of the pants should have no problem staying done up!

If you lead a busy life I recommend big cook-ups on weekends so you can take healthy leftovers for lunch. It’s a fantastic way to control portion sizes while saving money.

Exercise is an essential component to the weight loss equation. It is recommended that we exercise at least 30mins per day. Cardiovascular training is the key to burning calories but a certain amount of resistance training will assist with toning and the consequential lean muscle mass gain will raise your metabolic rate, even at rest.

Here are some weight loss tips:

  • Eat slower – the brain takes longer than we think to register when the stomach is full
  • Reduce portion sizes – try smaller plates
  • Reduce carbohydrate consumption
  • Increase protein intake
  • Decrease alcohol consumption
  • Cut down on sugary foods
  • Exercise more

Try a couple of lifestyle changes each week. Our minds can shut off when faced with too much at once.

Don’t give up – persist and find the appropriate balance for you.

Sav Adele

Workout Savvy

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