Garth Hamilton wins the by-election in Groom for the Liberal Party

Queensland mining engineer Garth Hamilton is the newest MP in Australia after winning the safe Liberal seat of Groom.

The by-election for the Queensland seat was required after sitting member John McVeigh unexpectedly resigned. Hamilton was named the Liberal parties candidate after a tightly fought pre-selection contest for the safe seat.

In his victory speech Hamilton identified inland rail infrastructure and water security as two of his top priorities.

“I’ll be fighting hard to get inland rail delivered,” Hamilton said.

“Water security’s a big issue for me and for the local council, we want to make sure we put a good plan together there.

“Then I’ll be fighting for local jobs, making sure we rebuild our economy.”

Prior to launching his political career Hamilton had worked i nthe mining industry, and recently began writing for The Spectator magazine.

After his candidacy was announced OUTinPerth asked about some his views on single parents, same-sex parents and indigenous Australians based on an article he had contributed to the magazine. While initially no response was received, the article in question was removed from The Spectator website.

Hamilton later said he was of the view that disadvantaged communities are better off if father’s stay involved in their children’s lives.

While not all the votes have been counted in the election, the early results were clear enough for Labor’s candidate Chris Meibusch to concede. It is not clear if the election results will be ratified in time for Hamilton to join the final sitting week of parliament in 2020.

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