Mawaan Rizwan asks ‘How Gay is Pakistan?’ on ABC2

Picture Shows: Mawaan Rizwan in Pakistan

ABC2 is set to air a BBC produced documentary this Friday night that explores the lives of LGBT people living in Pakistan.

Pakistani-Briton Mawaan Rizwan heads back to South Asia to try and better understand why his Pakistani parents struggled with their son coming out as a gay man.

Homosexuality is illegal in Pakistan, garnering prison sentences or even death, yet the nation has a burgeoning gay scene which begs the question – why are LGBT rights not being addressed?

Riswan speaks to queer activists, transgender sex workers, straight-identifying men who enjoy sex with other men in a country where homosocial behaviour (such as men holding hands) is commonplace, yet queerness remains the greatest taboo.

Catch ‘How Gay is Pakistan?’ on ABC2 this Friday at 9:30pm.

Image:- ABC

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