How many drag queens can you fit in one music video?

How many Drag  Queens can you fit into a music video? we’re not sure if it’s any kind of record buy Erasure have managed to squeeze 21 into their latest clip, plus the amazing Amanda Lepore.

6, Amanda Lepore, Aurora Sexton, Candis Cayne, Cara Melle, Cheddar Gorgeous, CT Hedden, Delta Work, Detox, Honey Davenport, Joey Jay, Kiki Xtravaganza, Manila Luzon, Mayhem Miller, Mercedes Tyler, Morgan McMichaels, Nina West, Pandemonia, Pearl, Raja, Sherry Vine and Widow Von’Du all appear in the video for Nerves of Steel.

The track clocks in at 5:39, so it’s a good thing Erasure didn’t write a quick 2-min pop song, or they might not have all made it. The song is from the band’s forthcoming album, The Neon, out in just a few days on August 21 on Mute.

Take a look at the new video. 

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