Perth pet photographer is ready for a close up


Alex Cearns’ professional life is one filled with unpredictability. The photographer who specialises in captures images of animals both in the wild and in the studio shares that she’s never sure who will be coming through her door next.

“You know which animals are booked in each day, but I could be dealing with any level of training, or any level of anxiety and certain issues which dogs and cats have. I can be photographing a rat one minute and the goat the next. Animals have lots of little nuances and things that make them unique.” Cearns told OUTinPerth.

Ferrets, horses, goats and a lot of native animals are some of the more unusual subjects who have stepped into front Cearns’ camera’s lens.

The most common question Cearns is asked about her profession is, how do you get the animals to sit still? “I don’t” she revealed, “I know if make a certain noise or movement I’ll get a reaction and I’ll be able to capture that moment, but it’s all very fast.

Based in Perth Cearns is now Australia’s leading animal photographer and Creative Director of Houndstooth Studio. Cearns said that most of her clients who commission photographs of their pets are similar to her.

“My dogs are like my furkids, their part of my family, they sleep inside and they go on play dates. I think its people who are very invested in their animals. Beautiful pet owners who want a piece of pet art on the wall to celebrate their pets.”

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Image: Alex Cearns

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