Popular podcast ‘Queers’ comes to an end after four years

The popular podcast Queers has announced its coming to an end after four years.

Since 2015 Benjamin Riley and Simon Copland have posted in-depth discussions about queer politics and culture, but the pair said they’ve realised their energy for the project is waning as their lives get busier and busier.

In the final episode Riley and Copland reflected on what they’ve learned over the last four years saying they wanted to end on a high before they no longer had the time to create quality content.

While the duo said they might put out more content in the future, they were calling time on their fortnightly chats.

Benjamin Riley reflected on the 64 public conversations about politics and culture he and Copland have had over the last four years saying he hoped it had been challenging for both them and listeners.

“I think what brought us together really is a shared interest in critique as an idea, and really questioning some of the dogmas of queer politics, and LGBTI politics, and wanting to always come from a place of questioning what we think, and what others think, and always trying to shift the ground underneath our feet a little bit.”

Riley and Copland shared that they didn’t know each other well when they commenced their audio project, both were columnists at the Star Observer. 

Over the years the podcasts looked into a wide range of issues including enthusiastic consent, queer stereotypes, HIV stigma, allies, corporate sponsorship, and interviews with some of the most high profile LHBTIQ+ people in Australia.

Take a listen to their final (for now) episode.

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