Review | collageN is a fringe, experimental work that succeeds

collageN | Paper Mountain | til Feb 19th | ★ ★ ★ ★ ½ 

Fringe is into its second half, and as the hugely popular shows start to end their  runs and people start looking for more independent productions, look no further then collageN. A thoroughly great performance, it is truly different than the mainstream.

And different it is.

Without spoiling the experience, the show removes the traditional boundary between performer/audience, and investigates what happens when the audience of the show is given urgency.

Drawing upon Strobech’s training in opera, the show is an auditory overload. Hypnotic sounds, gorgeous visuals and an excellent use of audience interaction all work together to provide an unexpectedly evocative piece. Here, in the show, you do not need loud voices or heavy footsteps. The show rewards you for being slow, meditative and relaxed.

Perhaps the greatest part of the show was that the audiences actions and movements dictates the show. From the level of interaction with the performer, to how long the show goes for, they are all decisions the audience make, often without being conscious of them. Shrugging the traditional aforementioned boundaries, the show really finds itself in the minds of the audience.

For an opening night, the atmosphere was great, with the audience’s willingness to participate really contributing to what a fun show it was. However I feel that an even more engaged and participatory audience would be ideal – as is the way with interactive art.

A quiet, evocative and delightful show, collageN really is one of the more excitingly fringe shows at Fringe World 2o18, and is by far a tremendous solo debut work by Laura Strobech.

collageN is showing at Paper Mountain until February 19. Tickets and more info available at

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