Review | ‘Little Women’ is a diverse story of sisterhood, love, and purpose

Little Women

Little Women | The Blue Room | Until Nov 27 | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Biting, and beautiful, Melanie Julien-Martial and Sally Davies team up to deliver a queer-centred rendition of the beloved Louisa May Alcott novel, Little Women. Accentuated with amazing set design, and intricate costumes by Eilish Campbell, the entire production sits in an aesthetic Victorian bubble that allows the audience to set it in England or Australia.

In the first fifteen minutes the audience is hit with expert writing, and humour, which peppers the production from start to finish. Melanie’s direction, in partnership with Sally, has filtered seamlessly into the chemistry of the cast for this engaging ninety-minute story.

Cezera Critti-Schnaars (Jo) is the champion of the story, and with artful breakages of the fourth wall, we are taken through her methods as an author as she edits “scenes” of her life. Her performance is charming, and realistic, with her chemistry between other actors fuelled with sisterhood.

Mani Mae Gomes (Beth) is beautifully sincere in her performance, and truly encompasses the heart of the story. Jess Nyanda Moyle (Meg) is the motherly sister we always wanted and holds a strength of character. Amber Kitney (Amy) is the rambunctious younger daughter with dreams of grandeur that finds love and purpose towards the end, peppered with spirit and sprite, her performance is electrifying alongside her cast mates.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Ramiah Alcantara (Laurie), who holds the queer essence of the story — and personifies the gender-bend of the original script. Her strength and poise of character is a pillar throughout, and the sharing of a queer kiss (towards the end) sparking joy in the audience.

Little Women at the Blue Room Theatre is a diverse story of sisterhood, love, and purpose shared amongst extraordinary people during a time of adversity. The production is immersive, charming, full of hope — and you will hate yourself for missing out!

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Joshua Haines

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