Senator Amanda Stoker asks for support to fight “the transgender agenda”

Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker is calling on voters to show their support for her work in fighting against transgender youth.

The government MP has launched a petition on her own website where supporters can voice their support for her advocacy against “the transgender agenda”.

Senator Stoker says it’s for a grown man to want to wear a dress, but there needs to be a stance against young people being able to access puberty blockers and hormone treatments.

“If a grown man chooses to wear women’s clothing and change their name, we are generally content to live and let live.  No one wants to make anyone feel ‘less than’. Most people agree that adults are free to live their life the way they want. But that doesn’t mean we abandon truth.  It doesn’t mean we abandon common sense or our understanding of basic biology.” the senator says in her mission statement.

The Liberal MP lists stopping transgender women being included in sport, and what’s taught in schools, and access to medication for younger people as some of the things she’s opposed to.

So far the Senator’s petition to herself has attracted 161 signatures. The petition does not have an option to petition the senator if you do not agree with her stance, but she does have contact information on her website.

Senator Stoker has previously said that the government’s (now delayed) religious discrimination laws are needed to stop gay and transgender children forming clubs inside religious and private schools, accused Labor of trying to destroy the family unit, and argued that sexuality and gender is a choice.

OIP Staff

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