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On This Gay Day: Willow and Tara kissed on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Willow and Tara kissed on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’  A lesbian or bisexual relationship on mainstream television may be fairly common place today, but it’s not that long ago that a same-sex relationship on screen was hard to find. On this day in 2001 the characters of Willow and Tara kissed on the TV show Buffy […]

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James Franco denounces homosexuality in new trailer for I Am Michael

James Franco’s latest drama I Am Michael has released the first international trailer for the film, almost two years after its original premiere at Sundance Festival. The film is based on the article My Ex-Gay Friend by Benois Denizet-Lewis, originally published in the New York Times in 2011. The story follows the life of real life gay […]

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‘Teen Wolf’ star apologises for fake coming out video

‘Teen Wolf’ star apologises for fake coming out video

Tyler Posey of ‘Teen Wolf’ fame has posted a series of tweets apologising for a Snapchat video in which the star comes out of the closet, admitting that he is not actually gay. The video shows the actor filming a road sign for ‘Gay Street’, where Posey declares, “I am this and this is me. […]

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James Franco and Zachary Quinto Kiss in ‘I Am Michael’

James Franco today posted an image on Instagram of himself and fellow actor Zachary Quinto kissing in a scene from the film ‘I Am Michael’ which is due to premier at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. ‘I Am Michael’ is an account of the story of Michael Glatze, a former gay rights activist who later […]

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