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By Our Side: Playgroups with Pride’s Joanne Boyling

When I think of the term Straight Ally, the first person I think of is Joanne Boyling. When we first met I thought she was lesbian. She tells me her friends tease her about that. When I spoke to her for this article she suggested she needed a T-shirt with ‘I Like Cock’ printed on […]

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Former Lutheran Missionary Neil Hart on why he’s an ally

Here in Australia, political forces are conniving to derail or delay marriage equality despite the fact at least 70% of voters are in favour of changing the Marriage Act to include us. We know who our opponents are but we don’t always know who our allies are. OUTinPerth has decided to seek out and interview […]

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Review: Oliver! shines with bright young talent

Review: Oliver! shines with bright young talent

Oliver! | ICW Productions | Joy Shepard Performing Arts Centre | Until 27th August | ★ ★ ★  When Lionel Bart brought his show Oliver! to the West End it was quickly acclaimed and joined the canon of classic musical theatre so it is understandable that there was quite a buzz in Perth when it was announced ICW Productions was […]

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Perth’s ‘2084: A Musical’ explores life after Orwell’s ‘1984’

I am passionate about local theatre. I am particularly passionate about musical theatre. I am even more passionate about original productions of locally written and produced theatre… and I am incredibly passionate about a show that is having its debut season this weekend in Perth. That may be because 12 months ago I got to […]

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So Loquacious: Can there be a respectful debate on marriage equality?

Can there be a respectful debate on marriage equality? That’s one of the questions tackled on the latest episode of OUTinPerth’s podcast ‘So Loquacious’. Graeme Watson and Leigh Hill are joined by local community member Charlie Perth (pictured) for a conversation about the ongoing debate over marriage equality. PLus they talk about religion and the […]

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