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On This Gay Day: ‘The Wizard of Oz’ was released

‘The Wizard of Oz’ was released in 1939  Iconic film The Wizard of Oz made it’s debut on this day in 1939. The film became a favourite of the queer communities around the world, leading to the code phrase ‘friend of Dorothy’. The adaptation of Frank L Baum’s 1900 novel was a success when it was first […]

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The Golden Girls are coming to a shelf near you

There has been a lot of exciting news out of San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, but perhaps the most surprising announcement comes in the form of a new range of action figures. The Golden Girls are set to be immortalised in plastic, in a new series from National Entertainment Collectibles Association. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche […]

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$1.56 Million for a dress! Oh My!

$1.56 Million for a dress! Oh My!

Christmas is coming and it can be difficult buying gifts, what do you get a ‘friend of Dorothy’ who already has everything they need. How about Dorothy’s dress? Yes, the dress Judy Garland wore in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ has just sold at auction for US$1.56 million. The dress is not unique though, it’s one […]

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Monday Book: The Ruby Slippers

The Ruby Slippers by Keir Alexander Corsair Books This New York story brings together a disparate number of interesting characters whose lives cross over each other’s as they are brought together by a pair of ruby slippers from the MGM film The Wizard of Oz. Old Rosa actually owns the shoes but wanders the streets […]

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