WasteLand gives us the rundown on his new track ‘Haulin’

Perth music maker and the man behind the soundtrack to some of your biggest nights out has just dropped a new track to help you through isolation.

WasteLand has teamed up with Perth musician and The X Factor alum Sydney Carter on Haulin – a country inspired track oozing with road tripping adventure vibes.

After the success of Tail Lights and Paper Towns – two massive tunes with two royally dragged out music videos – WasteLand is driving into new sonic territory with his latest venture.

We caught up with the Court Hotel favourite to find out how the track came together and whether we can expect any more drag queen collabs.

Tell us what inspired this tune.

Well I had decided after living in Perth my whole life to relocate to Sydney. I was going to be relocating with my writing partner (whom I wrote the song with), and our partners. We decided that we should write a song to sum up the whole experience, the emotions, the feelings and also create something that felt like a theme song to the whole process.

We had booked a Uhaul trailer, (hint hint), and were literally going to drive the 5 days across the country. Haulin is the result of all of that mixed together. Unfortunately, due to COVID all of those plans are on hold, we were actually meant to move April 13th (the day the song ended up coming out ironically), but at least the song can live on for the time being!

How did you link up with Sydnee Carter?

We actually met at a writing camp about half a year ago, these camps sometimes get organised by APRA (an Australian organisation for songwriters), and Sydnee and I happened to get put together and hit it off (I was super familiar with her already so pumped we got put together).

Then when we were looking for someone to sing Haulin she was the first person that came to mind and absolutely crushed it. I’m so glad a chance meeting led to the creation of this song!

Would you say DJing in a queer space has influenced your sound?

Well I’ve been at The Court for over 6 years now, and I’d say musically, it’s the energy and fun. All music in the queer world is just fun AF. You can dance to it, it’s such a vibe, so I’ve definitely tried to bring that into my music as much as possible.

Also just being around the positivity that the queer community radiates also has changed me a lot, and that can definitely be heard in my songs. Even though Haulin is a bit of a “F**K You Ima do me”, it’s got that self worth that I feel I definitely got inspired by the queer community!

Can we expect another collaboration with Perth’s local drag talent?

Hahaha, I’d love to at some point! My first two video clips included Scarlet Adams (in Tail Lights), then Scarlet Adams, Katya Kokov, Veronica Jean Jones and Alexas Armstrong (in Paper Towns).

I had to switch it up a bit for the next few or people would think I’m doing the same thing over and over again, but yes I desperately want to! I need a massive song where I can literally get hundreds of them singing, dancing and death dropping!

What’s next for Wasteland!

Well maybe a move to Sydney? Who knows? But realistically a huge amount of new music, the next couple singles are lined up and they just get bigger and more fun! Plus we got electric scooters so I wanna shoot a video clip with them at night covered in lights, so stay tuned for whatever that looks like!

Haulin is out now! Click here to find the track on your favourite music service.

Leigh Andrew Hill

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