A whole bunch of Yummy performers are coming to Fringe World

YUMMY is a new addition to Fringe World this year. The show from Melbourne involves some familiar faces and a whole bunch of performers you might not have seen before.

We spoke to director James Welsby about the show. You might have caught some of his previous acclaimed performances in Briefs, HEX and Glory Box.

He’ll be bringing Karen From Finance, Valerie Hex, Jandruze, Beni Lola, Hannie Helsden, Benjamin Hancock, and Joni in the Moon to create an absurd, fascinating and outrageous show.

Tell us YUMMY how did this show begin?

YUMMY began as part of Midsumma’s winter program in 2015. I assembled an incredible cast of Melbourne alternative drag and neo burlesque performers and have been on an incredible ride ever since!

At the time I was thinking really critically about how to move drag forward, and my conclusion was to involve equal gender balance on stage an off so that a multitude of voices could contribute to drag.

It was also just after the Australia Council for the Arts had received major cuts, which would really affect a contemporary choreographer like me – I wanted to create something that was for the audiences and could possibly build community.

What can audiences expect to experience at the show?
Sophisticated absurdity and sublime outrageousness.

Perth audiences are familiar with you from some of your previous shows, and Karen from Finance has traveled to the West Coast before, but tell us more about the other performers in Yummy.
They are the bomb!!!!! James Andrews (Jandruze) is making phenomenal avant garde drag, Hannie Helsden has been seducing Europe with her unique signature mix of circus, burlesque, and comedy, Beni Lola has been creating shows and leading the growing movement of women doing femme drag, Benjamin Hancock just won best male dancer at the Australian dance awards, and Joni in the Moon is working on a new album! We’re a busy bunch, but when we get together something really special happens.

Why is the show called YUMMY?

We use YUMMY is a synonym for sexy, delicious, and empowering.

Who is the most outrageous member of the Yummy crew?

Good question! Me? Nah probably Beni Lola!

Who will have the most luggage? 

ALL OF US. We really need to sell tickets because our excess baggage costs are so high! hahaha – Jandruze has phenomenal boots that have their own seat on the plane, Benjamin Hancock and I have giant structural outfits that need their own boxes made, Karen has traveling down to a fine art now, but maybe Hannie wins that award because of her myriad of hula hoops!

What is the yummiest thing you can think of right now?

A world where people lift each other up with endless love and respect. Cheesy, but true!

Are there any other shows at Fringe World you’re desperate to see, or recommend people check out?

Party Ghost!!! Go see that!!!! It is the kookiest, best show ever.

YUMMY opens on 27th January and runs through to 3rd February and tickets are available from Fringe World

Graeme Watson

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